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White Label Suite Legacy Plans
White Label Suite Legacy Plans
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This article references plans that were purchased in 2023 and covers what is considered our Legacy Plans that are no longer available on our website.

What were the plans available in 2023?

The plans that were available in 2023 were the Founder's Offer and the Unlimited Plan.

What is the Founder's Offer?

The Founder's Offer was a package that was focused on utilizing White Label Suite to generate leads and then recommending HighLevel as an outreach strategy for managing those leads.


A HighLevel plan did not come with this offer, only the HighLevel snapshots that are listed below.

What was included in the Founder's Offer?

  • Set Up Fee Waived

  • Access To Our White Labelled Dashboard

  • 50% Off License Pricing - Forever

  • Community Access

  • Masterclass Vault Access

  • Live Q&A Calls

  • Live Masterclass Sessions

  • The Exact Funnels That Helped Us Scale

  • 20 Free Leads Snapshot

  • Million Dollar Snapshot

  • Client Success Snapshot

  • Sales Fast Track Snapshot

  • Fast Track to Success Course

  • Sell Our Tools For Unlimited Markup

  • Our Exact Sales Pitch and Training

  • Full Access To Members/Client Setup Training

  • White Labelled Sales and Training Videos

What is the Unlimited Plan?

The Unlimited Plan was the first introduction to the Enterprise Plan that exists today. It was focused on introducing the unlimited features that were released in 2023.

The Unlimited Plan included the following when was available for purchase:

  • 120,000 Company leads/year

  • 60,000 LinkedIn leads/year

  • White-Label Reseller License

  • Unlimited User Seats

  • Unlimited Sub Accounts

  • Unlimited Custom Configurations/mo

  • Ideal Prospect Search Engine

  • AI-Powered Writing Assistant

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Sub Account Management Portal

  • Unlimited Integrations

  • Secure & Compliant Data

  • Onboarding Specialist

  • Dedicated Support

  • Daily Q&A Calls

  • White-Label How-To Videos

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