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White Label Suite - How to retrieve and input your Google API Key
White Label Suite - How to retrieve and input your Google API Key
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To enter your Google API key in the leads program you will need 2 things.

  1. A Google account with a payment profile connected (don’t worry, you won’t be
    charged anything – more on that at the ‘$200 Credit from Google Each Month’
    second, shown in the base of this document)

A Google Places API Key.

SUB NOTE - Although it’s not by us, this is an excellent video showing the steps:

How to set up your Google API account

Step 1

  • Let’s get your payment account sorted out first.

  • Head to hVps:// and log in. (If you don’t have a Google account, you will need one to continue, click Create an
    Account – it’s free!)

  • Login

  • Next, go to Billing. (click here once logged in and click ‘Create account’

  • Give the billing account a name, and make sure your country and currency match what you’d like it to be. The company name will be brought across from when you created your cloud console account.

  • Once you’ve added your details, click on Continue.

  • The next screen is where you will be able to set up your billing information (Again, don’t worry – with normal usage, the leads program will not incur costs – more on that below).

  • Enter your business name and your card information.

  • Once completed click on “Submit and Enable Billing”

  • You will be taken to a billing overview page. (shown below)

  • At this stage, you are all set and can move on to step 2. For your API.

Step 2

How to Create Your Google Search API Key


From the dashboard, go to the top right corner (showing your name)

Click and choose ‘Integrations’ from the menu.

On the Integrations screen go to the Google API tab

On the tab, click on the small (i) in the window to open the following pop-up screen.

Clicking on the link
Will take you to

Click on the Places option in the center of the screen (or Search Places API from the top

If your screen does not look like this – Head to:

  • Click on Enable.

  • Click on the ENABLE option next to the ‘Places API’

  • ENABLE this (so then it will show as it does in the above window)

  • Next, Go to keys and credentials from the menu on the lec
    (It may just say “Credentials” depending on your location)

  • Click on “Create Credentials

You will see the drop-down list, and select API Key

Google will create your API key.

Once you create your API key – you will be shown this screen. You will need to copy your Google API Key from here (note the mention of the monthly $200 credit from Google)

Copy Your Google API Key, paste it into the leads program, and click UPDATE
(Integrations/Google API Key)

This is one step in setting up an account to ensure it is set up and ready to search and sell packages/plans to your clients.

$200 Credit from Google Each Month

Notes on the monthly credits provided by Google for the use of this API key
Each month, Google provides $200 of credit to use their places API key.
You can confirm this here: hVps://

(Image provided by Google's website)

Also on this page, you can see a sliding scale of the system and pricing – Make sure to check the PLACES component, as that is what we use in the leads program.

From this sliding scale, you will see that the places API use costs are shown as follows
(at the time of publishing this article)

1000 searches will cost $17 – leaving $183 in credit

5000 searches will cost $85 – leaving $115 in credit

10,000 searches will cost $170 – leaving $30 in credit

Based on these numbers, only searching more than 11000 per month will incur a cost.

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