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As a white label reseller license holder through White Label Suite, you have the flexibility to cater to your client's specific needs by customizing packages. This feature is available to you when you are subscribed to the Enterprise [Unlimited] Plan and enables you to create Dynamic Packages with adjustable lead and timing configurations. Watch the video below or continue reading for a step-by-step overview.

Creating Custom Packages for Clients through White Label Suite

Identifying Client Needs and Designing Custom Packages Strategy

The first step in creating custom packages is to identify your clients' needs. This will help you determine the services and features that are most important to them. For example, if you are targeting companies in need of lead generation, you may want to create packages that offer a substantial number of leads per month.

Defining Package Contents

It is important to clearly define what each package includes. This includes specifying the number of Industry [Company] and People [LinkedIn] Searches that are available on a monthly or yearly basis.

Strategy: When defining package contents, consider the duration of the package (monthly or yearly) and adjust the number of searches accordingly. For example, a package may include 800 industry searches and 200 people searches per month.It is crucial to offer a balanced mix of services in each package to make it attractive to potential customers.

Understanding the Cost and Credit System

As a reseller, it is essential to stay aware of the potential maximum cost of packages and how it interacts with the credit system.

Strategy: Keep track of credit system updates and adjust your package pricing accordingly to maintain profitability while remaining competitive.

Creating and Managing Packages

Once you have created a custom package, you will have the ability to manage transactions and user accounts to ensure a smooth process for your customers.

Strategy: It is essential to regularly monitor and manage your packages to ensure efficient transaction processing and account management for your clients.

Generating License Links for Clients

After you have created a package, you can generate a link that contains significant data and information required for license creation.

Strategy: Use the generated link to create licenses for your customers’ software. Make sure you understand and can access the verification key required for this process.

Ongoing Training and Updates

To provide the best service to your clients, it is crucial to stay informed about updates and additional training videos related to license creation and the credit system.

Strategy: Check regularly for new tutorials and updates to stay current with the system’s features and best practices. This will help you efficiently manage your packages and offer the best service to your clients.

In summary, when creating custom packages via the Dynamic Packages feature for your clients through White Label Suite, it is important to focus on identifying and catering to their specific needs, clearly defining package contents, understanding the cost and credit system, efficiently managing packages and transactions, generating and using license links, and staying updated with training materials and system updates. By following these steps, you can offer tailored packages and top-notch service to your clients as a white-label reseller.

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