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White Label Suite - How to Set Up a Webhook for License Creation
White Label Suite - How to Set Up a Webhook for License Creation
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Saving time and streamlining processes is essential for any successful business, and with HighLevel, you can easily automate the creation of licenses for your packages and/or plans. This tutorial will guide you through the exact strategies to follow to set up this automation, eliminating the need for manual input and allowing for seamless distribution of your packages and/or plans.

How to automate License Creation in HighLevel [GHL]

Using HighLevel [GHL]

The first step in automating license creation is setting up your product for sale in GHL and pricing it appropriately. This example will use a product priced at $297 per month, but you can always adjust the price to fit your specific offer.

How to Set Up the Automation

Once your product is ready, you can set up an automation in GHL to trigger when the product is sold. This automation will then send all necessary data to a webhook, creating a streamlined process for license creation.

Follow these steps to set up the automation:

How to set up a product in HighLevel [GHL]

  • Create a product in HighLevel's "Products" section.

  • Ensure the product matches the intended offer and set a price.

Creating an Automation for License Creation

  • Navigate to the "Automation" section in GHL.

  • Create a new workflow and set the trigger as "order submitted" for the created product.

  • Add a filter to specify the product.

Configuring the Webhook

  • Add an action in the automation for a webhook.

  • Include necessary parameters like first name, last name, email, password, and verification key.

  • Map these parameters with the corresponding data from the order form, ensuring accuracy in names and formats.

  • Set a standard password for all licenses (e.g., "Leads123!") for easy inclusion in outgoing emails.

Finalizing the Webhook URL

  • Obtain the unique URL from the GHL dashboard and insert it into the webhook setup.

  • Save the webhook configuration.

Email Notification Setup

  • Add a step in the automation to send an email to the customer.

  • Create a template email informing the customer about their purchase and how to access it, including login details (set password and email).

  • Ensure the email contains a branded URL for system access [not

Testing and Deployment

  • After setting up, test the automation to ensure it works correctly.

  • Deploy it to start automating license creation for new sales.

By following these strategies, you can efficiently automate the process of creating and distributing licenses for your packages and/or plans sold through HighLevel, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of your sales.

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Need more help? Get more support from the HighLevel Community or Support when it comes to creating an automation workflow.

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