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In this article, you will discover how to set up your Business Account as well as the differences between your Business Account and Business Profile.

What is the Business Account?

The Business Account is the section located on htps://app.whitelabelsuite.com that allows you to customize the software with your own branding, logo, and color scheme.

These changes apply to:

  • The login screen with the image that appears on the left-hand side when someone goes to log into the software.

  • The logo that appears in the top left corner of the software that your clients see when they log in.

  • As well as the color scheme for the background, heading color, text color, and button color.

Where do you make the changes to the Business Account?

The changes are made to the Business Account by visiting https://app.whitelabelsuite.com/. Here you can update everything in one place to customize the software to look more like your brand.

What are the differences between the Business Account and the Business Profile?

The Business Account exists to help agency owners customize the software to make it look more like their brand and is located at https://app.whitelablesuite.com/ while the Business Profile is located at https://leads.whitelabelsuite.com/ and is used to help teach the AI about your business, who you serve, and what products/services you offer. This information is used to ensure accurate content is created when crafting the Company Summaries, Intros, and Subject Lines.

In summary, this quick overview provides you with a general idea of what the Business Account is, how to update it, and what the differences between the Business Account and Business Profile are. Happy searching!


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