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AI Writing Assistant: How to create different business profiles for each campaign
AI Writing Assistant: How to create different business profiles for each campaign

Explore this advanced option that is available as one of the features of the AI Writing Assistant.

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In this article, we will discuss strategies for customizing the AI Business Profiles feature to ensure maximum effectiveness and relevance when using the different options available with the AI Writing Assistant when it comes to creating Company Summaries, Intros, and Subject Lines.

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How to Maximize Your AI Business Profiles for Success

Customization of AI Business Profiles

Tailoring the AI Business Profiles to specific industries or prospects can be done to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of different campaigns.

How can you customize your AI Business Profiles for success?

The first step is to create a range of diverse profiles that cater to different industries or niches. Each profile should reflect the unique characteristics and needs of the target audience. For example, a coach's profile may differ from another profile in the language and approach used. By having a selection of profiles to choose from, you can ensure that your communication is more personalized and targeted.

Why do you need a profile selection?

The idea is to have a set of predefined profiles that can be selected based on the target audience or campaign. When planning a marketing campaign, it is essential to choose the most appropriate profile from your collection. This ensures that the communication is tailored and more likely to resonate with your target audience.

How to implement campaign-specific strategies

Implementing campaign-specific profiles and introductory content is a must. This means customizing the AI tool's output for each campaign, ensuring that the communication is tailored to the specific audience of that campaign. Within each campaign, use the selected profile to generate customized introductory and marketing content. This could include personalized messages, tailored product descriptions, or industry-specific language.

What is a practical application of this feature?

To effectively use this strategy, consider creating different profiles for different campaigns. For instance, a gym-specific profile may be used for a gym campaign. This shows how different profiles can be tailored to suit the specific needs and characteristics of certain campaigns.

Are direct marketing strategies relevant to this feature?

Using direct messages (DMs) on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for immediate engagement, rather than traditional methods like cold emails or embedding videos on landing pages allows for more personal and immediate engagement with prospects. Don't forget to tailor the content to the specific platform and audience for maximum impact.


By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your AI Business Profiles are tailored and effective in generating leads and creating targeted campaigns. Thank you for reading our help center article. We hope this information has helped maximize your use of AI business profiles. Happy searching!

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