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Getting Started: How do I view search results once they've been sent to my CRM?
Getting Started: How do I view search results once they've been sent to my CRM?
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Watch the video below to see how you can retrieve the results once you have already sent them to your CRM. Not to worry! Your search results haven't gone anywhere, we'll show you how you can view them even if you've sent them to your CRM.

Understanding 'Sent' vs. 'Unsent' Results:

  • When you send results to the CRM, they move from the 'unsent' to the 'sent' category.

  • Regularly check both 'sent' and 'unsent' tabs to track the status of your results.

How do you retrieve sent results?

  • If results seem to disappear, they might have been sent to the CRM and no longer appear in the 'unsent' category.

  • Change the status/view to 'sent results' to view these.

How do you view detailed information in Sent Results?

  • In the 'Sent Results', you can see detailed information such as which email addresses and business information have been sent.

  • Use this feature for a detailed review of what specific information has been sent to your CRM.

How do you resend information?

  • You can resend the same email or choose to send additional emails from the same company.

  • Utilize the multi-select feature to resend or send additional information as needed.

How do I view Sent Results in multiple campaigns?

  • Different campaigns might have different statuses of results (sent or unsent).

  • Regularly switch between campaigns to monitor and manage results in various stages.

How do I switch between Sent and Unsent Results?

  • If a campaign shows no results, it might be displaying the 'unsent' results by default.

  • Switch to 'sent results' to view results that have already been processed.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage their CRM data, ensuring that no results are lost or overlooked and that the necessary information is sent and resented as required.

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