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Social Media Scanner: How do I see what social media profiles my prospect is on?
Social Media Scanner: How do I see what social media profiles my prospect is on?
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The Social Media Scanner lets you see which platforms your ideal prospects are on allowing you to conduct research and connect all in one place.


Many sales professionals overlook LinkedIn as a platform for prospecting. However, did you know that 65% of B2B companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn? That's a significant number that you don't want to miss out on!

With the Social Media Scanner feature, you can easily find and connect with potential customers on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn's advanced search filter to find prospects within your target industry, location, and job title – to name a few. Then, send them a personalized connection request to start building a relationship.


Visit your ideal prospect's Facebook page to get the latest info on their business. While you're there, drop them a message with the Intro you created using the AI Writing Assistant.

And more!

The Social Media Scanner feature isn't just limited to Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also connect with prospects across multiple platforms, such as Instagram, X, and YouTube. With this feature, you have an extensive reach and can connect with potential customers on the platforms they use most.

In conclusion, the Social Media Profiles feature is a powerful tool for sales professionals looking to streamline their prospecting process and connect with prospects on their preferred social media platforms. Don't waste time searching for prospects on social media – use this feature to connect with them instantly and start building relationships that can lead to sales opportunities.

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