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Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you need HighLevel [GHL] to use Comet Suite [White Label Suite]

  • No, you do not need any CRM to use the software. Our lead generation software is an independent app that does not rely on any other system for it to properly function.

When are the credits used?

  • The credits have different consumption rules according to the type of search you are running.

    • Our main search method - the Industry Search will use credits only when company results are found that have email addresses attached. For example, if you search for Realtors in a location and pull in 100 results, but only 80 of those companies have listed their email, then you will only use 80 credits. As a bonus, some of those companies may have many more than a single email result, and yet - you will still only be charged a single credit for each company - regardless of how many individual results are found.

    • The People Search is given with a separate counter. The People Search may return fewer email results, and so, because of that, the credits are counted differently. The credits are consumed here for every result returned, regardless of whether an email is found. We can't guarantee the emails in this search method - so we give you the people search as a bonus, over and above our guaranteed number of industry search results.

    • The Single Search will use the credits the fastest of the three. As you search a single website at a time, your credits will reduce with every email that is retrieved that is connected to that company URL.

Why are the People Search credits separate?

  • As mentioned above - because we can't guarantee the results of the email search with the people results, we give you EXTRA credits in the people search area, over the base level that we guarantee in the industry search.

Can you send search results to multiple accounts?

  • Yes. you can connect multiple accounts to the lead generation tool. Each campaign can be connected to multiple CRM accounts as well.

Can you resend search results to a CRM?

  • Yes. After you send the results across to the CRM, if you wish to add more emails from your searches to the CRM, you can go into the 'Sent Results' option, choose the additional emails, and resend.

Will records duplicate if we send them again?

  • No, the CRM won't allow duplicate results to be created (this is dependent on turning 'OFF' allowing duplicate contacts in your CRM settings)

Where do the results go after we send them to CRM?

  • Clicking on a campaign will show you a list of 'Unsent Results' by default. As you select your contacts and send them across to your CRM, those results will move to the list of 'Sent Results'. Changing the drop-down, from Unsent to Sent will show you a list of the results that have already been sent across to your CRM.

How long will the system keep looking for results?

  • We have a set range of sources that we check on each search, so while it may appear that the searches will keep going, after checking all of our available sources, the system will show emails found, or emails not found. Depending on the current usage of the lead generation tool this search may be almost instant or may take up to 60 seconds to complete.

How long does it take for results to show in the CRM?

  • Depending on your CRM, it should have a built-in limiter on the amount of results that it can handle per minute, for contact creation. So, depending on the amount of results you are sending at any one time, this can be anything from a minimum of 30 seconds up to several minutes.

Will I get charged for duplicate results?

  • No. The search will not add duplicate results to a single campaign, and you only get charged for the results in the campaigns. So no duplicates will cost you credits.

  • Exception: The 'no duplicates' ruling is on a campaign-by-campaign basis. If you create an additional campaign, and add the same search results to it, you will be charged credits in that example. the 'no duplicates' rule is campaign by campaign.

Will the credits roll over if I don't use them?

  • Yes. Credits are rolled over each month on the anniversary of your billing date. If you want to make sure you use the credits before the anniversary day of payment, you can run searches and add those results to campaigns. Once the results are added to campaigns, they aren't removed.


My API Key won't connect

  • Sometimes, if it's the first time the API key has been connected to anything, it may need to be reset before it can be used.

  • Steps to resolve:

    • Open your settings, and go to the business info tab.

    • Click on the reset button next to the API key.

    • Follow the prompts to confirm.

    • Once the key has been reset, copy the new key to the clipboard and paste it into the integrations tab within the lead generation app.

I've added my API key but the system isn't sending the leads to my CRM

  • Double-check that the specific campaign has the correct API Key or integration selected.

  • I sent it to the CRM and now I've lost my results

    • The results don't ever disappear from the system. They will move to the tab titled 'Sent Results' after you've sent them across to the CRM. Click on the campaign you are looking for, and in the center of the screen change the drop-down from 'Unsent results' to 'Sent Results'

  • It shows as sent, but it didn't send

    • Occasionally the throttling of the CRM system with incoming results will cause a 'time out' and the contacts won't send over (even though they say they have). In this case, simply go to the 'sent results' tab, reselect the contacts you are looking to send over, and hit the 'Resend to CRM' button.

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